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MU Fiber Optic Attenuator

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We supply both UPC MU fiber optic attenuator and APC MU fiber optic attenuators for single mode applications. Their attenuation level ranges from 1dB to 30dB. This MU fiber attenuator can work at 1240nm to 1620nm range, including the typical SMF 1310nm and SMF1550nm.

Our MU fiber optic attenuators feature the high return loss, high power light source durability and wavelength independence. They are suit to use with EDFA, DWDM and other fiber optic communication systems to reduce the optical light power at a fixed level. The MU fiber attenuators are good price and prompt delivery.



l Bellcore Compliant

l Wavelength Independent

l Durability (well over 100mw)

l Simple and Reliable Structure



l Operating Wavelength: SM: 1200-1600nm or 1310nm, 1550nm

l Return Loss: Less than 55 dB (UPC);Less than 65 dB (APC)

l Attenuation Accuracy: +/-0.5 (1-10); +/-1.0 (11-30)

l Polarization Dependent Loss: Less than 0.2dB

l Maximum Optical Input Power: 200mW

l Operating Temp Range: -40 ~ 80o C

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