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ST Fiber Optic Attenuator

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We supply both UPC ST fiber optic attenuator and APC ST fiber optic attenuator for single mode applications; they are with 1240nm to 1620nm compatible working wavelength, including the 1310nm and 1550nm typical single mode wavelength. These ST fiber attenuators are equipped with ceramic sleeves and features high quality and long lifetime. Attenuation range is from 1dB to 30dB.

The ST fiber attenuators are used online to reduce the fiber optic power by a certain fixed value. They are high attenuation accuracy and working temperature from -40 C to +75 C. Our ST fiber optic attenuators are made according to industrial standards; they are with fast delivery and competitive prices.



l 1dB,2dB,3dB... to 30dB, typical 5dB, 10dB 15dB

l inline design is easy to use (plugs between existing fiber jumper & equipment)

l afforable & cost effective

l ST UPC connector

l Ultra Polish Connector

l Rohs Compliant

l High Quality Return loss 60db or Greater

l Dual wavelength (1310nm/1550nm)

l ST UPC Fiber Optic Attenuators Benefits

l Precise attenuation level

l Portable



l Test & Measurement

l Telecommunications

l Diagnostics

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