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D4 Fiber Optic Patch Cord

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D4 Fiber Optic Patch Cord, D4 Fiber Optic Connector is one of the older generation connectors, it's keyed and spring loaded, the ferrule has a diameter of 2.0mm. D4 crimp style connector features a nickel plated brass body for enhanced durability, supply boots in a variety of colors, also provide a singlemode epoxy/crimples version for quick and easy termination.


GrantTelecom provides a complete line of fiber optic cable assemblies, covering SC, FC, ST, Din, D4, E-2000, SMA, LC, MU, MPO,MT-RJ with PC(physical contact), UPC(Ultra physical contact), APC(Angled physical contact) polishing, using quality GrantTelecom connector components, these jumpers are designed to comply with industry standards for optical, mechanical and environmental performance. We provide a wide variety of connector, fiber and cable types at virtually any length so that our jumpers can be customized for your unique applications.


GrantTelecom offers the broad choice of multi-fiber cable assembly solution, they are including Multi-fiber(Breakout), Fan-out, MPO&MPT, 10G OM3, 10G OM4, armored, waterproof fiber optic cable assemblies, as well as the master jumper (Measurement and Reference jumper), LC uniboot, loopback jumper. All patch cords and pigtails provided by GrantTelecom, they are guaranteed to meet our specifications and industry standard. The special requests on test reports or other specification are available for the choices.



l High precision alignment

l Compact, pull-proof design

l Low insertion and back reflection loss

l Good exchangeability

l Good durability

l High temperature stability



l Gigabit Ethernet

l Video networks

l Premise installations

l Telecommunications networks

l Active device termination

l Test equipment

l Local Area Networks (LANs)

l Data processing networks

l Wide Area Networks (WANs)

l Industrial, medical & military

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