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Ribbon Indoor Cable

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Ribbon Indoor Cable



With ribbon fiber, fiber is independent of aramid reinforced fiber and sheath.


l  Aramid fiber, high strength, good flexibility, not containing ointment, easy construction and connection.

l  Fiber density, fiber optic cable has the advantages of small size, suitable for MT and MTP connector.

l  Low smoke and low halogen flame-retardant PVC jacket, with anti burn and Zixi, suitable for the room, the wall wiring, indoor environment.

l  Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin sheath, anti ultraviolet, waterproof, mildew, resistance to environmental stress cracking; and no acidic gas release, .no corrosion to equipment, suitable for high flame retardant grade indoor environment (such as ceiling wiring, wiring layout etc.) use.

l  Sheath color depends on the fiber type, using the standard TIA/EIA-598-B chromatography. Can also be based on user defined color production.

l  Cable supporting bearing product information and the length mark.

l  Fiber numbers 4, 6, 8, 12 core.


l  The tail cable - instruments or communication equipment.

l  Making the movable connecting wire jumper device.

l  With MT and MTP optical fiber connector compatible.

l  Design of high strength,can be used for indoor wiring. 

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