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Welcome to GrantTelecom career portal.

Here you can view and apply to our opportunities.( Career-Email: )


Concern, respect, appreciate, and develop employees

Based on the people-oriented management philosophy, GrantTelecom respects for human nature, tolerates competitors, and sincerely communicates with others. With mutual respect, employees work in a harmonious and pleasant environment. GrantTelecom now becomes a highly cohesive family.


GrantTelecom focuses on ability molding and potential inspiration of employees, and concerns about their career development. In GrantTelecom, employees' and company's carriers are combined to realize win-win.


In GrantTelecom, employees must carry out self management and continually make improvements. In addition, employees must be creative to improve their work and must always learn to strive for excellence.


GrantTelecom grasps the overall situation, possesses a variety of talents, and provides customers with valuable solutions and services.


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