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Enterprise Mission

GrantTelecom is engaged in offering good quality communication equipments with competitive price to our customers, such as Fiber Optic Cable Assembly, Fiber Optic Termination Box, Fiber Optic Splice Closure, PLC splitter, optical fiber connector, fiber distribution frame and so on. Besides, we offer enough chances for each staff development, and are doing our best to create both material and spiritual wealth.


Business Goal

We are always making effort to be high standard supplier in China. GrantTelecom not only focuses on value innovation, but also focuses on fine manufacturing.


Team Spirit

As a team, our workers follow same company rules, work together with each other, and play a part in company construction.


Talent View

We look for the talents with foresight, strong sense of responsibility and ambition. We appreciate workers that have creative thoughts, can insist on pursuing his dream and also bring profit to the company.


Enterprise Development

There is not always smooth sailing in our work, we need workers that have the sense of crisis and work hard with great determination. In order to keep the leading position in the same industry, we demand high rate of development.


Enterprise Principle

Our company adheres to the principle of people-oriented. We respect talents, but not connive them, which is the rule of long term development.


Enterprise Management

Ideas about business operation: People oriented, Technology first.

Decision-making principle: Combine democratization with scientization, choose correct and good suggestions.

Work principle:  Obey the company procedures, clear division of labor.


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